Avoid paint damage with 7500 Protection Films

Individuals and fleet owners alike want to avoid paint damage to cars and other vehicles. Proven Avery Dennison 7500 Protection Films can help them to safeguard their investment.

7500 Protection Films are based on Avery Dennison film technology supplied to automotive OEMs.  After application, a transparent and invisible film layer prevents damage to a painted surface from stones.

The materials available suit almost any vehicle owner requirements: PVC films for short-to-medium term applications (up to 5 years for vertical applications) and polyurethane (PU) films for medium-long term applications (up to 7 years for vertical applications). 7500 Protection Films are an obvious choice for car owners and fleet owners alike., insects, liquids, heavy use…and much more. The film does not become yellow over time, and is highly durable.

New width
Premium 7521 Transparent PU film is now also available in a 1.52m width (25m roll) for more applications and easier installation – giving ultimate protection during long-term use.

7500 Protection Films are used to invisibly protect paint finishes and are suitable for all types of vehicles – from motor bikes to buses and trains. The films are a great way to shield the most vulnerable external surfaces, such as hoods, wheel arches and (slightly curved) mirror backs, but also internal surfaces (for example, luggage racks or chairs in buses and trains).

Commercial premises
7500 Protection Films can also be used as a protection layer on almost any hard, smooth surface in high-traffic areas. Many businesses use the films to protect reception desks, door impact areas, wall panels and more. It’s an obvious ‘added extra’ that can be suggested when you are supplying decorative films to a commercial client.

The quality assurance that comes with Avery Dennison gives you confidence that 7500 Protection Films will give you the performance you need.

Ask your representative for a sample and download our new 7500 Protection Films product overview.


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