MPI 6121 Street Graphics

Cast film for promotional short term street advertising opportunities.




  • Fracturing and conforming to irregular surfaces due to unique micro-fracture technology
  • Allows moisture through to further reduce slip hazard in wet conditions
  • Excellent printability and handling on UV-curable printers
  • Matte low-glare finish for painted appearance without the need for overlaminate
  • Up to 6 months for pedestrian traffic and 3 months for vehicle traffic
  • Excellent adhesion to rough surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, tiles and many more


Available Products:


Product Face Film Adhesive Finish Durability*
Product Data Sheet
MPI 6121 Street Graphics
45 micron
non-PVC cast permanent, acrylic Matt
6 months
Data Sheet

*Durability for unprinted product


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Avery Dennison® MPI 6121 Street Graphics is a unique matte white, non-PVC self-adhesive cast film for promotional short-term outdoor advertising opportunities.

The film incorporates a patent-pending, micro-fracture technology that enables it to conform to irregular surfaces by fracturing and conforming.

MPI 6121 film offers exceptional value for creating brand images for pedestrian foot traffic, but is also perfect for temporary way finding graphics for parades, festivals and promotional events, such as trade shows and sporting events.

It is recommended for use on a variety of super wide format inkjet printers using UV-curable ink.